3 Vehicle Checks To Do Before A Road Trip

Before taking a road trip, we recommend you do a “once-over” on your vehicle. Nothing is worse than an exciting trip turning into nightmare because of vehicle problems. Here are the 3 main vehicle checks you should perform before packing the luggage:

5 Signs Your Brakes Might Be Bad

The brakes on your vehicle are considered a normal wear and tear item. NO matter what you do, you will have to replace them. Here are key indicators that your brakes might be bad:

Brake light is on

This is a clear indication that you need to have your brake’s inspected. Your vehicle is programmed to alert you if your brake hydraulic system is experiencing issues. If the light comes on and off, you might just have a low level of brake fluid.

Are You Ruining Your Vehicles Paint?

It is nearly impossible to avoid the items listed below; however, you can do your best to stay on top of it and take care of your paint as soon as possible. Let’s review some things that you might not realize are ruining your vehicle’s paint:

6 Helpful Tips for Drivers

Awhile back, we came across an article from Men’s Health that outlined their 100 Best Car Tips for Men. We’re not going to outline the full list of 100 tips but we’re going to point out some of our favorites. These tips are valuable and do not only apply to men. Vehicle owners and drivers in general will benefit from the following tips: