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Jerry’s Northeast Auto Sales offers fully serviced, inspected and ready-to-drive vehicles. Located at 1254 Route 61 South of Pottsville, the car lot provides adequate space for you to stop in and meet the team or browse our selection.

Over the years, the business has grown not only in size, but also in customer confidence. Jerry’s Northeast Auto Sales is one of the oldest operating used car dealerships in the area. “We’re humbled by the loyalty of our customers,” Jerry comments. “Many have returned multiple times, introducing generations of their family to our business. From grandparents to parents to their children, we enjoy getting to personally know our customers and continuing to provide quality vehicles and service to their families.”

Jerry continues, “I can say with confidence that I do my personal best to make sure every vehicle we sell is the finest we can provide you and your family. I’m proud that I’ve been able to give our customers the best possible pre-owned vehicle for the price they can afford. Just knowing I am able to help families–in all phases of life–get a vehicle without breaking the bank makes my day.”

The team at Jerry’s Northeast Auto Sales has always remained small and for good reason. “We believe in knowing our customers. Having an office with numerous employees creates turnaround and doesn’t allow for history and relationships to grow with our customers. Having Janet, Connie and myself in the office to interact with everyone gives us the opportunity to understand each customer’s needs and work with them on finding the right vehicle and securing the financing they need from our of our bank or credit union partners.”


In 1972, Jerry’s Northeast Auto Sales started as an RV sales and car lot in Deer Lake, PA. Jerry decided to relocate the business in 1989 to South of Pottsville, where it became a pre-owned car and truck dealership. He and his wife, Janet, purchased the property where Jerry bought his first car. With just a small lot and office, Jerry and Janet were able to make improvements and grow the business into what it is today.


Jerry and Janet opened Jerry’s Classic Cars & Collectibles, a museum filled with 1960’s rock-n-roll music, classic cars and items from the past. They purchased a former Morgan Studebaker Dealership and converted it into a museum where friends and family can visit and reminisce. It took a lot of elbow grease and dedication to get the museum in a condition for visitors­­–and still requires a high level of devotion to keep it running. They opened the doors in 1996 in Pottsville, PA with thousands of visitors who’ve stopped in on summer weekends over the years. For a small admission fee, you can enter the 2-story museum to view over 20,000 items and a variety of classic cars. There is something to see for everyone–men and women enjoy the museum equally. It’s a great way to share memories and personal stories with children and grandchildren!